Personal Program: Week 15

Week 15!!! Took a long break from the written part but exciting changes and fun stuff to share!

Herbs and Supplement Schedule

Regular Dose (5 weeks)

Morning: -500 mg Ainterol (Pueraria mirifica extract)

-10 drops (1000mg) liquid White Peony (Paeonia lactiflora) root extract

-1 Woman’s Multivitamin (Megafood Woman’s One Daily brand)

-1 (500mg) Maca supplement

-1 (200mg) Red Clover Supplement

-1 (94mg) Reishi Supplement

Mid-Morning: -500 mg Ainterol (Pueraria mirifica extract)

-10 drops (1000mg) liquid White Peony (Paeonia lactiflora) root extract

-1 (305 mg) Fenugrec Supplement

-1 (240 mg) Fennel Seed Supplement

Late-Afternoon: -500 mg Ainterol (Pueraria mirifica extract)

-10 drops (1000mg) liquid White Peony (Paeonia lactiflora) root extract

-1 (305 mg) Fenugrec Supplement

-1 (240 mg) Fennel Seed Supplement

Evening: -500 mg Ainterol (Pueraria mirifica extract)

-10 drops (1000mg) liquid White Peony (Paeonia lactiflora) root extract

-1 (1200mg Ca 1000 D3) calcium tablet

-1 (200mg) Red Clover Supplement

-1 (94mg) Reishi Supplement

Daily total: 2000 mg Pueraria mirifica, 2000mg Paeonia lactiflora, 1200mg Calcium, 1 woman’s multivitamin, 500mg maca, 400mg red clover, 188mg reishi, 610mg fenugrec, 480mg fennel seed

Followed by a 1 Week Supplement Break

Massage Routine:

Every morning and evening: 150 Female Deer Breast Massage Rotations, followed by 200 Chi Breast Massage Rotations

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday use Ainterol brand Pueraria mirifica breast cream while doing massage. Every other day use coconut oil as the massage oil.

Noogleberry Routine:

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday evening 1 hour of pumping in between Female Deer and Chi breast massages.

Consistent use of massage and noogleberry routine, no breaks. My noogling method is to Female Deer massage first, attach the noogle, pump until breasts feel a light tug (currently 4-5 pumps) and then leave for as long as possible (max 4 hours). After which I detach, and Chi massage.

Starting measurements:

Bust: 38 inches

Waist: 31 inch

Hip: 39 1/4 inch

Notes for this week:

I know it’s been SO LONG! It has been…a rollercoaster. Busy as hell, emotional clusterfuck, and so many changes to the program (clearly from above) but happy to have time to report back! Good news is I took notes and kept up with it all. Even though the blog posts needed a hiatus I stayed on track and still have weekly photos and all my progress and information, so I’ll share that in summary now!

Gonna dump a lot of personal commentary in Mental State, Physical State will be a summary of growth, and all my updates and changes and experiments with my supplement schedule will go into Program Thoughts! (So, skip there if you wanna see what I’ve done the past 7 weeks to my program).

Mental State:

Long story short, as a result of the phytos: nothing. Nothing has changed since I started in terms of how my mind works or my emotional state, everything that follows is kinda a result of a whole bunch of unfortunate events from when I went on hiatus from the blog.

As soon as week 7 finished I had started to plan for FE as I said in my last post. That week was alright, but I had a Diversity of Life post to work on, so this unfortunately fell on the wayside. I also had to finish up marking an assignment in time for FE so that ate up a bunch of time too.

Then FE happened and OH BOY. That was rough. What aimed to be a great year with new friends and their first con, and my first year at my local con with Nasi, it was just a shit show. Friday was okay, Saturday afternoon went well, but then Saturday night ruined it. First, I was told by someone close that they forgot it was me in my fursuit, which fucked with my self image. Someone close asked to wear Nasi to the dance that night. I was okay with it at first but then we literally saw all the people I wanted to suit with on the way to the dance, which made me feel left out. Then at the dance he was dancing in my suit, and someone actually came up to me and said “Wow! Nasi actually got good at dancing!” and that pissed me off. And in that moment my image of Nasi as “me” was shattered. Shoved in my face that others could be a better Nasi than me. Had a panic attack, so went to the washroom to sob it out. But then one of the people I brought as their first con panicked cus they couldn’t find me. We cried it out together later, but I found out they were really hurting physically from walking around so much, and we got made fun of by a bunch of drunk people. And Sunday morning just made it all worse, I couldn’t even look at Nasi. Just…utter shit.

After that it was a week of feeling down…AND 2 assignments pilled up right away, so had to mark every night for 3 weeks.

Just before Easter, during marking, I found out I didn’t get the BIG grant for my ant research, and in a off-handed letter to boot. That same weekend I found out a close family friend died.

It was honestly like I had salt thrown in open wounds again and again, wasn’t allowed to recover. My personal identity, relationships, and professional identity were crushed. Just felt empty. I had FWA coming up right after all that too, so I was getting really anxious, first time on a plane alone with my fursuit.

BUT that is where it turned, thankfully. FWA was really nice, the hotel was fun, it was a good escape weekend. The flights went SUPER well, everyone loved seeing Nasi on the planes and through security, so I had no troubles. I had my committee meeting RIGHT after I came back from the con which really stressed me out, but that was awesome. The dean of academics also heard I didn’t get my grant and offered to co-advise me to support my research cus he really liked my project and thought I did great in my first sessional lecturing position. So since then I’ve had some time to rebuild and feel better.

Things have been good in personal, relationship, and academic settings too to help. Therapy has gone well, its really helped the hubs and I connect and communicate better. I’ve been having fun with videos. I’ve been able to open up with friends more and share. A lot of the fallout of FE was reconciled.

In general feeling well put together and on the up and up heading into BLFC and my field season this month. I think getting back to this really marks me able to sit down and share again.

Physical State:

Things have been FANTASTIC physically.

I still have none of the side effects that many have with ainterol. No headaches, no migraines, nothing on the emotional side that could be a result of the hormones.

My breast growth has been wonderful! There was a couple more weeks of nipple sensitivity and soreness but as the glands got to the size of golf balls they haven’t been as sore, and have gradually sunk below the areolas, resting under them now and giving the areola and nipple more volume and raise. The size of the areolas is still slowly growing, but not as much as before. If I were to describe the changes since week 9 its been expansion of the glands more in the chest and sideways throughout the pecs, more puffiness of the areolas but not size, many of the hair follicles around the nipple have receded. There is fat tissue starting to accumulate, when I lay on my side now there are clear creases where the volume of the breast is resting (SUPER EXCITINGGGG!). They are also SUPER sensitive to the touch and feel AMAZING. If they get played with, the day after I am super horned up and they are back to their sore sensitive growing feeling which is actually really pleasant.

I have noticed that my leg hair is becoming thinner. My beard has started to thin out a bit, I’m noticing hairs are falling out. I am a bit concerned with that, I want to retain enough that I can still grow a thick enough beard that it doesn’t look patchy, but we’ll see what happens.

In the nether there’s been a couple things. Noticed that I’ve started to get rashes like I did when I was really little under the foreskin (I know, TMI but this is a sharing of EVERYTHING on my journey). It’s easily manageable but definitely a result of the hormones, which is kinda interesting for as to why it happened when I was little? Doctors didn’t know what it was. The past 2 weeks my semen and sperm count has plummeted. It was getting thinner and thinner, but the past couple weeks not much has come out when I’ve cum. But it hasn’t gotten any more difficult to cum, which is interesting and the opposite of what I’ve heard reported. If anything, it’s actually gotten easier? As SOON as my tits are played with I’m hard, and its been easier to get hard than ever in my life, which is really nice. So, some cool changes! I was on my week break this past week so I’m sure my ejaculate will increase again, might have another week off or a slower build up on the phytos this week to help too.

Program Thoughts:

Okay so LOTS here!

After week 7 I did indeed spike the dose to my previous high week (2500) which worked well! The growth returned fast and had a great week of growing.

That week (8) I also did more research into additional supplements to help and maintain liver function, hormone balance, and general fat tissue accumulation. I learned a few things about some of the other receptors that can help stimulate tissue growth and deter testosterone binding. So, I ordered a few more supplements which can be seen on my general program above!

They slowly came in, so for week 9 I only added Fenugrec and fennel, then week 10 goats rue, maca, and red clover. Week 11 the reishi came in.

By the end of week 12 Nix noticed my nipples getting very dark. This was due to the goat’s rue, its a supplement that stimulates milk production, but in early stages also really speeds up fat accumulation in the breast tissue and gland growth. But decided I didn’t want that for the time being, so I took it off to see if the coloration returns to a pinker color. However, I think I might add it again next week as my genitals are also dark skinned, so I think it just might be a result of the growth in general, probably just how my skin is. We’ll see, it’ll take some trial!

For week 13 and 14 it’s been the regular schedule above! The only thing to change is adding in the mid-morning and late-afternoon doses! Not taking any more than before but spreading out the dose more evenly. From my research, taking the phytos spread throughout the day allows your body a consistent exposure which can enhance the binding and growth, more bang for your buck because if you just take it in one large dose in the morning and evening most of it wont be taken in by the body. It’s been working really well, and I think a consistent high does with a week break is the way to go. My idea with the semi-regular hills and valleys doesn’t really apply to the endocrine system it seems, having a regular input on the receptor sites is more important. The week breaks just gives the liver some down time and testosterone to raise for sperm production and the like.

Thus we’re here! This was a break week and this past weekend finally had time to catch up my program!

Moving forward I might play around with what results I see if I mix up the phytos I’m taking. I’ll take off one herb for a couple weeks and see if the growth rate or my physical changes change at all. I’m thinking some may not be doing much for me and would just be a cheaper option to cut them. I haven’t found a rate change since adding the other herbs, the ainterol really is the best. So might not need all of them? I dunno.

Closing Thoughts:

This week will be the regular dose of everything listed above, and I’ll be sure too keep you all updated!

 I apologize for the irregularity of this blog the past few weeks, I have kept on top of my data recording and want something worthwhile for those that are considering this for their personal goals as I have! I may do a progress gif soon of the week-by-week of my growth, so look forward to that!

Thank you too! For reading and being a part of my journey.



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